What is Bigtrolly.com  ?

Our online store lets you shop for Groceries, Vegetables, Fruits, Personal Care, Home Care and many more online quickly and easily.

That's how easy and quick it is to shop online in our online grocery store.

Online shopping at http://www.bigtrolly.com/  not only saves your time and effort,it also saves your money, thanks to the everyday low prices you always get at bigtrolly.com

Our huge selection of online shopping includes Groceries, Vegetables, Fruits, Personal Care, Home Care, Staples,Beverage, Processed Foods.......(To see all range of products, visit http://www.bigtrolly.com/)

Best of all,you can buy all your needs online from the comfort of your home or office. So why not save a trip to the store while saving yourself some time and money too.
Once you have experienced how easy it is to do your shopping online,you will do online shopping with bigtrolly.com every time.
Bigtrolly.com is the first online and tele grocery store in Vijayawada.

You can place your order by using any of the following modes.
Web: http://www.bigtrolly.com/

Call Us At : 8801224555

Our Aim:
Is to help you save time and money while giving you the very best in service,quality and fresh products on daily basis with in reasonable price.

Why we are here ?
we are here to save your time and money,
we make money to serve you.

                                                   Save Money,Save Time,Shop online !!!

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